Transform Your Relationship With Food, Reach Your Body Goals & Create A Positive Mindset

(without starving yourself or yo yo dieting)

Have You Ever Found Yourself Looking In the Mirror And Not Liked The Image Staring Back At You?

Maybe you’re frustrated about the weight you’ve put on or maybe you feel like you’re “too skinny”?
Maybe you’ve tried things before but nothing you’ve done has actually got you to where you want to be...
And maybe your own habits, like getting easily distracted, talking to yourself negatively in your head, or jumping from one meal plan to the next - Are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be…

If any of this sounds familiar, remember it’s not just you:

In a world full of diets that promise quick results, we believe in something simple yet powerful – a healthy lifestyle beats them all.
At Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness, we're all about going beyond diets. We want to help you build habits that last a lifetime and make you feel good, inside and out.

Our coaching program is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to create a healthy routine that sticks. It's not just about a short-term fix; it's about embracing a lifestyle that brings energy, joy, and long-lasting wellness.

Join us on this journey to a healthier, happier you!

A membership Platform like No Other

Welcome to Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness, where we embark on a transformative journey to empower individuals through our innovative nutrition coaching program.

At Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness, we believe that sustainable health and wellness begin with a solid foundation of education and unwavering support. Our program is designed to go beyond conventional dietary advice, delving into the intricate relationship between nutrition and well-being.

Backed by a team of experienced nutrition coaches, we prioritise personalised guidance and cultivate a supportive community that encourages individuals to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness 
Client Transformations...


Personalised Nutrition Plan

Made for your goals, body measurements, likes and dislikes, Changed as required.

Access to the MOM Hub

Watch the educational videos, access useful resources, workout videos and more in an interactive platform.

Facebook Support Group

For LIVE question and answer sessions, webinars on topics requested by you, collect meal ideas and cheer others

Whatsapp Communication

Speak with your coach directly when you need that extra little bit of help and accountability.

Learn The Truth About Major Topics

How To Shop, When And What To Eat And Why, Human Anatomy, Recovering From Health Conditions, Reversing The Aging Process and much much more

Support & Accountability

Get Daily Motivation, Weekly Check Ins, Live Question & Answer Sessions, Deep Dive Webinars, All Of Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Learn To Live Sustainably

No More "Diets", No More Starvation, No Restricting Your Favourite Foods. Life Is About Learning To Live In Balance, Having Fun & Being Healthy

Supportive Community

Join An Inspiring Group Of People Who Are On The Same Journey As You, Learning To Change Their Relationship With Food & Reach Their Body Goals

Head Coach 
Daz Smith...

It's my absolute passion in life to help people achieve their goals become the best version of themselves and give them exactly what they need to live a life where they can feel comfortable, happy and healthy in the skin they're in.

We're not educated on nutrition or taught the basics on how to look after our bodies and our minds. And with so much contradictory information out there I've made it my mission to do that now.

By harnessing the power of whole foods, proper nutrition and mindset work you can implement the changes you need to create the body, mindset and health you’ve always wanted, but without having to survive on lettuce leaves and still eat the foods you enjoy.

Mind Over Matter is real, no bullshit, down to earth advice for normal people who just want to do and feel better.

I welcome you to join myself and my team of dedicated coaches.

Coach, Josh Jackson

I'm Josh, and I specialise in nutrition and health, bringing my expertise as a Personal Trainer and seasoned boxer to the Mind Over Matter team.

After spending four years providing personal training on the gym floor, I've gained valuable insights into what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals. It's not just about your exercise routine or morning habits – it's primarily about your diet. Instead of simply preaching "calorie deficit," I'm dedicated to teaching you the right foods to eat to achieve your goals. By customising your nutrition and adjusting macros to fit your lifestyle, the potential for incredible results becomes limitless. No extreme, strict diets here – they aren't practical for regular folks like us. I understand we're not bodybuilders; we're everyday people with busy lives who appreciate a good time. At Mind Over Matter, I'm committed to supporting you in maintaining overall fitness and feeling amazing year-round.

Coach, Rachel McHugh 

I’m Rachel, I am a Nutritionist and exercise specialist with more than 20 years experience working in the health, well being and exercise industry. I am a busy wife and Mum to three beautiful children. I am not your typical fitness enthusiast who works out daily in a gym. I love nothing more than a short home work out, walking with family/friends or a game of netball to get the endorphins flowing. I move daily and know that this is important to give my family the best version of me.
I am passionate about helping women move into midlife feeling strong and healthy. With so much movement recently around the menopause, bodily changes and the importance of eating well and moving more, I want to make it my mission to help and support as many women as possible achieve their goals.
For those living with a long term health condition I am here for you. With qualifications and experience working in cardiac, cancer and pulmonary rehabilitation, type 1 and 2 diabetes and mental health, I want to help and support you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without restrictions. Change your mindset and truly understand the importance of balance. I am truly blessed to be working with Daz and the team at Mind Over Matter, and I am 100% committed to helping as many people as possible live a lifestyle they want and deserve.

More Happy Customers...


Sam C.

After struggling with under active thyroid and early menopause I couldn’t seem to shift the weight I’ve gained through it all. So I contacted Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness for some serious help. After getting my head around the meal planning and prepping for the week ahead and also controlling my sweet tooth I was finding it so easy. Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness has always been amazing.

For the first time in a long time I was feeling like my old self , confident and even smashing my pts and weight training in the gym & getting loads stronger.

Mark F.

I needed to sort myself out big time, I turned to Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness for help and advice and I’m so glad I did. First few weeks I’m not gonna lie I struggled and still craved the crap I was eating before chocolate/crisps.

After that it got easier and more of a way of life and I started to feel good and full of energy. It’s a no bullshit fool proof plan that 100% works if your willing to put the effort in. Thanks again Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness for everything.

Craig B.

I joined Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness in December 2022 as I just need a kick up the arse with my nutrition and motivation. And I was following Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness on social media and just kept seeing all the brilliant results come though and thought I want some of that .I can honestly say I’ve never felt so good. I’ve gone from not wanting to walk half a mile to now wanting to run a half marathon by the end of 2023 then 2024 it will be Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness putting me right for bulking and building muscle.
Not only is a nutrition plan it’s a community that we have all not long since all done Snowdon together. If your not on Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness plan ask yourself why not I for 1 promise you will not look back if never felt so healthy happy and energetic.
Thank you.

Rosie M.

I started the mind over matter plan at the start of September and I cannot believe my results! I had a baby in March & I felt SHIT. Lacked energy and was depressed that my clothes were getting bigger and bigger sizes. My best friend joined the plan and encouraged me to do the same. I haven't once not enjoyed what I've been eating & I am super grateful I joined. I've learnt loads about food that'll make sure I never get back to the place I hated!! I feel in a different place now. I'm happy with my body, my skins great and best of all I'm never hungry! Can't recommend Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness enough. Absolutely brilliant.

Pricing that works for you

Membership Options Available

MOM Membership
Community And Resources


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  • Full access to the MOM HUB and educational platform to create the perfect plan for you and your goals.

  • 16 example nutrition plans to choose from along with a calorie and macro calculator to get started right away

  • MOM Resource Lab packed with a full video library on a wide range of topics to help you on your journey

  • Tailor your perfect meal plan using our charts, resources and recipe e-book to make your meal plan work perfectly for you

  • Live Q&A sessions and full community access for questions and inspiration from others in our vibrant online community with over 350 members

  • Workout programs for in the gym and live workouts for home to pick and choose from

  • Access all your membership content on a convenient easy to use mobile app.

  • Exclusive access to upgrade to the premium 121 membership at any time

  • To sign up to this plan, you commit to a minimum duration of three months (no contract rolling monthly membership).

MOM Premium Membership
with 121 Support


What you'll receive....

  • Personalised nutrition plan set specifically for you and your goals

  • Your own allocated personal 121 nutrition and health coach for any questions and weekly check ins

  • Progress tracking with weekly check-ins and necessary plan amendments

  • One to one and community support

  • Full access to the MOM HUB resources and community

  • MOM Resource Lab packed with a full video library on a wide range of topics to help you on your journey

  • Access all your membership content on a convenient easy to use mobile app.

  • Daily motivation so you always feel supported

  • Couples special offer - sign up as a member and get a half price discount for your partner

  • Workout programs for in the gym and live workouts for home to pick and choose from

  • Goal setting, habit tracking, mindset and accountability

  • To sign up to this plan, you commit to a minimum duration of three months (no contract rolling monthly membership).


Buy 1 membership and get the 2nd HALF PRICE! Everything in the full membership access for both you and your partner

Sign up the first person then contact us to let us know your partner wants to sign up. We will give you a unique discount code that they can use to sign up at half price.

"The Most Supportive Nutrition, Mindset & Educational Membership Platform EVER"

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried losing/gaining weight before and nothing works for me

When we’ve had clients who have faced this problem, it’s usually due to miseducation of how they should be eating or completely unsustainable eating methods.

Often old diets have damaged the metabolism, reduce muscle mass and rely on you living in a way that is totally unsustainable. OR they promote foods which are actually not good for health at all (think some of the most famous weight loss brands).

Or maybe you’ve tried to gain weight and put much more fat on than muscle.

We are here to help people fix these exact problems. Our plans are sustainable, allow for celebrations, days off, and living in a balanced way. We focus on health and longevity, as well as mindset, self belief and consistency.

We will help you understand healthy and realistic expectations for your body, at the same time as adjusting plans if necessary.

Everyone who has ever told us that this is a problem they’ve faced, has moved towards their goals on our plans.

I have allergies/special dietary requirements/don't like certain foods

When you join the programme, you receive a questionnaire. We use this information to create your personalised nutrition plan. The plans we create are flexible and we can swap items out for other things if you don’t like or are allergic to them.

We also create vegetarian and vegan plans.

I'm nervous that it will be too hard and I won't stick to it

Living healthily is about balance. It’s not about eating soup for 8 weeks or going on a chicken and broccoli diet. Our plans are designed so that if you have a night off, or go on holiday, there’s no need to beat yourself up. You just get straight back on it.

We support you in finding balance in your lifestyle.

At the same time, we can’t come and cook the food for you. If you want to transform your body, health, mindset and relationship with food then get the right support and get into the mindset that it’s on you, to get get where you want to be.

Can I still eat (insert food)?

Our plans are designed to take a realistic lifestyle into account. There’s nothing that is strictly “off plan”. We are human. We need breaks and long term dieting is not only bad for your body but bad for your mental health too.

If you want a treat, or a day off, or have a special occasion to celebrate - DO IT AND ENJOY IT!

Obviously if you do this all the time then your results are going to be slow and if you aren’t consistent at all then reaching your goals will be a challenge, but to deprive yourself of all treats is not sustainable either.

What kind of support am I going to get?

This is the most supportive membership program for nutrition, education and mindset that exists - and we know because we've researched hundreds of them. Most of the time you get sucked in with fake promises, being overcharged, under supported and over restricted. 

We have designed this program to help you have the highest chance of success possible. There's weekly check ins, regular emails, a group for daily motivation and for you to let us know personally if you're struggling.

There's the online membership platform where you get to learn about food and nutrition to make better choices yourself. There’s a community group where our coaches go live to answer questions and deliver sessions on interesting topics. 

You can access all your membership content in an online dashboard or by downloading our custom apps available for all devices..

How long do I have to sign up for?

If you buy the membership plus support package, we require a minimum 3 month commitment. Beyond this your membership is a rolling monthly subscription with no contract.

Transform Your Relationship With Food, Reach Your Body Goals & Create A Positive Mindset

(without starving yourself or yo yo dieting)
Nothing in your life is going to change for the positive unless you commit to doing something differently. The types of foods marketed as healthy are actually causing infertility, gut problems, skin conditions, mental health issues, lack of energy and other chronic illnesses. As well as creating the kind of body that you probably don't want. Take control of your body, health and mindset and join the Mind Over Matter Nutrition and Fitness Monthly Membership today.

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